Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care Services in South Florida

Concept proposals accepted year-round through the Health Foundation of South Florida

Grant Amounts: $50,000-$100,000 over 1-2 years.

Ongoing grant opportunities through the Health Foundation of South Florida for Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties.

Evidence shows that people suffering from mental illness have a higher mortality rate due to other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, which is aggravated by high-risk behaviors such as substance abuse, smoking, poor diet and lack of physical activity. Moreover, barriers to primary care services and navigating a complex health care system makes it difficult for some to obtain timely care. This funding opportunity will support efforts to integrate behavioral health and primary care to address these issues. Whether the setting is within primary care or behavioral health, the Foundation will support care that is coordinated and the most effective in producing the best possible health outcomes.

If you are interested in this particular grant possibility, please contact Fernanda Kuchkarian at 305-374-6442 or

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