Organizational Member Showcase: Circles of Care

By David Feldman, President, Circles of Care

When another healthcare organization, or another member, thinks of Circles of Care what do you want them to visualize?

We are a large, financially sound provider of mental health and substance abuse services in Brevard County, Florida. We have 10 locations in Brevard County to serve the needs of the mentally ill and substance abusers. All of us on the management team are involved in community organizations or statewide committees. This allows us to network with other professionals and have community allies.

How has growth affected Circles of Care over the years?

Circles of Care was founded in 1963 with 6 employees. While we have a 40-million dollar budget, real growth did not start until the 1980s when we opened a 52 bed licensed psychiatric hospital. In the 1990s we opened our first commercial pharmacy and we now have three pharmacies. We also developed and expanded residential facilities for the mentally ill which now totals 98 beds. In the 2000s we built a 50 bed Baker Act Receiving Facility, the largest in the state and got licensed for 50 beds. We now have a total of 102 adult psychiatric beds. This Baker Act unit was awarded the Architect & Contractor ACE award for the most innovative building in Central and South Florida in 2011 under 25 million dollars. We have three major Outpatient Clinics located throughout the county. Our central county Outpatient Clinic was built in 2017 and named after the former President & CEO James B. Whitaker.

What else should we know about Circles of Care?

• Circles of Care is JCAHO Accredited
• We have 600 employees
• Sally’s House is our long-term residential recovery home program for substance abusing women and their children. We acquired this program through a merger.
• Circles has both Inpatient and Outpatient Medically Assisted Treatment programs
• Circles has a 16 bed children’s crisis unit
• Circles has a 30 bed detox/residential program
• Circles was one of the founding members of the old FCCMH and we are honored to have four of our staff receive Fellow Status: James B. Whitaker, former President & CEO, Linda Brannon, VP of Human Resources, Stephen Lord VP Information Systems and myself David L. Feldman, President and CEO.

What is the most common challenge you find when speaking with executives at other community-based behavioral healthcare organizations?

Circles, like many centers, has many challenges-primarily the limited funding we receive from the State, particularly for our Safety Net Programs. In addition, we face new competition from a private for profit psychiatric hospital. Managed Care companies have become even more restrictive, learning new ways to deny /reduce payment for services. We will attempt to meet these challenges to continue to be the provider of choice in Brevard County and even thrive in this new healthcare environment. Thank you taking the time to read this and learning about Circles of Care, Inc.