Governor DeSantis Signs 2019-20 Budget

By FBHA Staff

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

In late June, Governor Ron DeSantis signed the FY2019-20 “Bold Vision for a Brighter Future” budget, nearly seven weeks after the Legislature adjourned “sine die.” During his press conference DeSantis said, “it’s a fiscally responsible budget. I think we put taxpayers first.”

The General Appropriations Act (SB 2500) went into effect on July 1, 2019 with roughly $131.3 million in line-item vetoes. This compares to $64.1 million vetoed in FY2018-19 by his predecessor. Among the $131.3 million special- project vetoes, $14.182 million were for local initiatives for substance abuse, mental health, and housing, including cost of living increases at contracted state hospitals ($4.14 million); affordable housing project in Jacksonville ($8 million); and CESC homeless housing ($1 million).

In his press release, the Governor highlights that the budget, “includes more than $123 million in total funding to fight the opioid epidemic and $106 million to provide funding for services to children and families who depend on Florida’s child welfare system. Furthermore, the budget provides more than $70 million to serve individuals on the Agency for Persons with Disabilities home and community-based waiver program.” 

As passed the FY2019-20 budget totaled $91.1 billion. After the Governor’s line item vetoes the total dropped to $90.9 billion, but still up approximately $2.2 billion from last year’s budget.

Here is a link to the list of special projects vetoedby the Governor. The 2019 Legislative End of Session Report was also updated to reflect these vetoes.