DCF Clarification on Serving Individuals from Out of State in Outpatient Detox

On March 13, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) issued a policy clarification regarding Outpatient Detox and Day or Night with Community Housing services. In the clarification memo, DCF reported that some outpatient detox providers are serving individuals from out of state who do not have family support, as required in Section 65D-30.006(3), FAC. Additionally, DCF has become aware of instances where individuals are receiving treatment services (assistance with medications) while living in day or night treatment with community housing program, in violation of 65D-30.008(1), FAC.

In response to these violations, DCF is requiring all outpatient detox providers to eliminate the practice of admitting individuals from out of state who do not have local family support to monitor their compliance. Additionally, day or night community housing providers may not accept individuals who are receiving detox services. (link to memo)